9. One Piece Selfmailer

Create one piece A4 mailer from any toner based digital printers.

Get your name in front of prospects & customers

 Ensure the highest response level with paper mailers

Create personalized mailshots

from any toner prnters


Highest response rate guaranteed !

from print-to-post

Local Shops, Sports, Fitness Club Members, Political Parties, Pubs, Bars & Restaurants, Universities & Schools, Associations & Federations, Trade Unions, Evening/Day Classes, Wholesales & Retails Shops, Charities & Non-Profit Making Associations, Legal & Insurance Companies, Real Estates, Travel Agents, Recruiting Companies, Museum, Cinemas, Tourist Offices... 

Maximize chances to be seen

no envelopes required


94% chances to be read!

Personnalized. Targeted. Sealed

No glue but toner!

No need of pressure sensitive forms, we use toner!

No envelopes or tabs

No envelopes inserters and tabbing machines.

Professional look

The use of coated paper will guarantee a strong seal and professional look.

75% better impact than email

Print2Post technology.

Fully secure

Could be used for many applications: school reports, medical, banks, salary slips, mailshots, special offers etc... 

Felivered flat, sealed, stamped and perforated

Every sheet will be perforated on both side for easy opening.

One A4, Recto/verso, full colour

One better chance to be seen and make a bigger impact! 

Interested in personnalized, targeted & powerfull mailers?

In today's digital world, paper mails are getting a much higher response rate than email. Get in touch.